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2015 Qld Mens Residents Snooker Championship

2015 Qld. Men’s Residents Snooker Championship

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After a long weekend and a great snooker fest, Daniell Haenga is the 2015 Men’s Residents Snooker Champion, many congratulations Daniell, you are our worthy champion.

The Final was a tough match going the full 9 frames and a contest where neither player gave an inch. Adam Waller can take a lot away from this tournament in the level of snooker he displayed and the satisfaction of the tournament high break of 74, nearly surpassed by Daniell with a 59 in the final.

The Semi Finals saw Daniell Haenga victorious over Shawn Budd and Adam Waller successful against Dane Beeton, both runners up are players of quality.

There are always people to be thanked and in this instance, everyone involved delivered a very high standard. The referees from Brisbane and the North and South coast of Queensland. The venue hosts, Kedron Wavell Snooker Club ably led by Peter Williams and Matchroom Leisure Centre with Chee Yap at the helm.. The spectators who came to support the players and showed encouragement to all matches. Trevor Mortimer was a great help on each weekend, working as the Venue TD at both Matchroom and Kedron Wavell while Chee and John played their round robin and knockout matches. As Shawn Budd mentioned, to get 60 runners in a snooker tournament in Australia these days is a great result, Chee Yap is responsible for this as he worked his magic as Tournament Director. Life Members Harold Silver and Terry Stewart refereed during the tournament and Larry Grabish visited us on the second weekend. For the first time for many years, a score check sheet was produced for the final, it makes interesting reading as it details each shot played, a link to it will be HERE soon. Des Turner did a great job, refereeing the final and then having a long drive back to the Gold Coast.

Special mention should be made of the players in the tournament, the standard and behaviour was something to aspire to, no dissent, sportsmanship to the extreme and respect for everyone involved, the players can take a bow.

Our Patron George and his lovely wife Sally sent their apologies and best wishes for the players, they had a community engagement on the day of the final. In 1998, George and Sally Goold donated the magnificent Trophy we all play for.