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2015 QLD Under 15 Champion – Hayden Goode

It was a pleasure to turn up to Q Masters this morning to see 10 of QLD’s young snooker players battle it out for the Under 15 Championship.

When I left the Semi-Finals were getting underway with Defending champion Hayden Goode playing Jayden Dinga, while the other semi was between Bernie Buck and Kyle Thomson.

The experience for these young kids is invaluable, all dressed up in their vests and bow ties, with referees dressed in uniform and with 20 or so onlookers cheering them on.  Great signs for the future of this sport in QLD.

Congratulations to Bob Turpin, Phil Haycock, Pete Williams and others for the coaching and encouragement to get these young kids (one of them 8 years old) to line up today!  And the sportsmanship was excellent.  Well done Andrew at Q Masters for donating his venue as well as a few pool tables while the players were waiting to play.

Thanks Paul, sorry to hijack your article but there are some more photos below……Congratulations to Hayden Goode winning his fourth consecutive U15 Qld Snooker Championships!! It was a great day and the future of snooker in Qld looks bright! Cheers Ed Dinga.