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2016 Queensland Under 12 Snooker Champion Jayden Dinga.


The QBSA snooker Champion for 2016 is Jayden Dinga.


Special thanks to Q Masters for hosting the event and for Phil Haycock for being Tournament Director.

Congratulations to all 6 players who participated in this event and some terrific snooker played by all boys.


After the round robin stage  Leo finished on top with 5 wins and Jayden closely followed with 4 wins.

In the final Jayden played well to defeat Leo Adeney 2-1 in a close fought final.

Thank you to Pat and Jacky Jordan for helping out with refereeing duties and to the parents and coaches for the special effort in getting the boys ready.


Thanks also to the spectators who turned up gave the boys their well deserved support.



Match results

QBSA 2016 Under 12 Snooker Championships







Front Row Players L-R: Leo Adeney, Bede Adeney, Pranay Solanki, Jayden Dinga, Ambrose Adeney and Joshua Burnett. Back Row: Pat and Jacky Jordan.


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