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2016 Queensland Under 15 Snooker Championship – venue Qmasters, Milton


The 2016 championship will be played on Saturday 23rd April at the Qmasters rooms in Milton.


Nikolas Burnett is the 2016 under 15 Snooker Champion defeating Jayden Dinga in the final 3-0


This has been a very successful and competitive weekend of Snooker.


More to follow including photos




In what is considered the strongest field for a number of years, the first frames are proving it to be so. Hayden Dinga has just recorded his highest break, a well structured 53 and Harry Mok a 25.

A form will be created with progressive scores


Kyle Thompson 34


Latest group results


From the President

If any members want to see the next generation of QB&SA players, then a visit to Qmasters tomorrow will be well worth while. The youngsters today put on an exhibition of snooker well beyond their years. Jayden Dinga and Ambrose Adeney are 2 players who barley stand above table height yet thay have potting and table management skills worth seeing. Kyle Thomson has break building skills and an excellent understand of safety play.


All players acquitted themselves well, supported each other and played in good spirit.


To the Referees Pat and Jacky Jordan, Treston Urwin, Terry Stewart and Graham Stewart, the QB&SA MC says thank you.

Well done Qmasters for looking after everyone, a headcount showed we had 40 people attending including players during the day.

Great field Phil Haycock who had the full support of the parents of these young men.


Sunday sees 8 well deserved players in the quarter finals. All matches are best of 3 through to the final. Play starts at 10.30am

John Osterman


Q/F draw in the link above

A message from the tournament director


Hi everyone.

The Under 15’s tomorrow will start at 9am. We will have 13 or 14 players which is fantastic. It will be a round robin of 2 groups of 6 or 7. Single frame. Top 4 from each group will go through to Sunday where I am planning for a 10.30 start. For those planning their day and weekend the round robin will be a long one going through to about 5pm. And Sunday the final will be starting about 3pm to 3.30pm and will be best of 5. Any round robin matches near the end of play on Saturday that are not changing the top4 positions may be over 6 reds or not played at all this will be done on consensus between players and parents involved. See you all tomorrow.

God bless. Phil.




Phil Haycock is the Tournament Director and has worked well in preparing a field.

Pat and Jacky Jordan and Treston Urwin are assisting Phil with the event.



Entries will be taken right up and until Friday 22nd April.

Entry form and conditions HERE



The format and draw will be arranged on the Saturday Morning

Phil Haycock 0423214461