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Pennant Finals – Congratulations to
A Grade Champions Sherwood Phoenix
B Grade Champions Matchroom Afghanis
C Grade Champions Matchroom Canons.

A Grade Snooker Pennant finals commenced Monday 11th July and results are as as follows:

First Semi final: Sherwood Phoenix Minor Premiers defeated Matchroom Dragons at Sherwood on Monday and will host the Grand Final Monday 18th July.

Thanks to Pat Jordan for Refereeing.

Second Semi Final: Buderim Mountain Men defeated Redcliffe Woofs in a shootout after a 6 all draw.

Thanks to Geoff Lorkin and Peter Williams who stayed until very late as well as Rob Ward who assisted in refereeing the shootout.

Preliminary Final: Thursday 14th July saw Matchroom Dragons defeated by the underdogs Buderim Mountain Men in some enthralling matches at Matchroom. Ka Ki Au Yeung defeated Rob Ward 2-1, Jeff Pickering defeated Calvin Sheck 2-1, good old reliable Chee Yapdefeated Paul Williams 2-1 and  After battling it out down to the wire Chris Shaw sent it into a shootout once again by defeating Tony Cheng 2-1. Both Chris Shaw and Jeff Pickering stood up and won the first two frames of the shootout to win. A good break of 52 made by Jeff Pickering during the night against Calvin.

Thanks to Anish Solanki for refereeing and staying very late once again.

Grand Final: Monday 18th July: Sherwood Phoenix defeated Buderim Mountain Men 7-5. This was a close fought out final with a blackball in the final game deciding the Champions. Results of the matches: Jeff Pickering Buderim defeated Greg Morrison Sherwood 2-1, Robbie Tibbs Sherwood defeated Paul Williams Buderim 3-0, Steve Donohoe Buderim defeated Phil Haycock 2-1 and last but not least Steve Burford defeated Chris Shaw on the black ball in the last frame 2-1. Well played to both teams and it is a shame there has to be a loser. Thanks to the visitors who turned out to watch. Thanks to Pat Jordan for refereeing. 


B Grade finals updates are as follows:

Redcliffe Lions (Minor Premiers) 1st Matchroom Afghanis 2nd Kedron Shooters 3rd and Southport Coasters 4th

First Semi Final saw Redcliffe Lions defeat Matchroom Afghanis with 6 points each but Redcliffe winning 3 games to 1. Thanks to Pete Williams and Graham Baker for refereeing.

Second Semi Final saw Kedron Shooters defeat Southport Coasters 7-2 . Thanks to Peter Williams for refereeing and we wish Peter all the best in his sabbatical from snooker and what we all hope is a short time.

Preliminary Final Wednesday 20th July saw Matchroom Afghanis defeat Kedron Shooters. Thanks to Pat and Jacky Jordan for taking time to help out with Refereeing.

Grand Final Thursday 21st July at Redcliffe saw Matchroom Afghanis take in a winning lead at the hallway mark with Redcliffe Lions making a strong comeback but unfortunately fell short. Matchroom Afghanis defeated Redcliffe Lions 7-4. Thanks to the spectators who came along and to Graham Baker and Pete Williams for refereeing.


C Grade finals updates are as follows:

Matchroom Matchsticks (Minor Premiers) 1st, Matchroom Canons 2nd Redlands Dolphins 3rd and Redcliffe Jaguars 4th.

First Semi Final saw Matchroom Canons defeat Matchroom Matchsticks. Thanks to Patrick Wang and Chee Yap for refereeing.

Second Semi Final saw Redlands Dolphins defeat Redcliffe Jaguars. Thanks to Graham Stewart and Anish Solanki for refereeing.

Preliminary Final Wednesday 20th July at Matchroom saw a bit of an upset with Redlands Dolphins defeating Minor Premiers Matchroom Matchsticks 6-4. Thanks to Chee, Ada Tsai, Patrick Wang and I believe a couple of others for refereeing.

Grand Final Thursday 21st July at Matchroom saw Matchroom Canons defeat Redlands Dolphins. After watching this final I think a number of B grade sides will see a bit more competition with these boys coming up. Thanks to Chee for refereeing. Thanks to the spectators who came along and supported both teams.

Special Thanks to all Affiliate Clubs who hosted any of the final series. It is much appreciated.