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2017 Snooker Pennant Season begins
Remember to complete and submit a QBSA membership form and
have your membership fees paid by the start of week 3
Relevant question posed by Ed Dinga on QBSA Facebook page

Hi all,
1st week of the 2017 Pennant Snooker season is complete and it is pleasing to see the the spread of teams in all grades.
Please be aware that all players must have their 2017 QBSA membership paid for by the start of the third round. This can be given to your team captain/club captain along with a signed membership form, there MUST be a completed membership form.
The ranking list will be updated every 3 weeks where possible and can be found under the BD Pennant tab on the QBSA website (archived lists will also be available here). On a pennant night, once the match has begun, then it is inferred that the captains have agreed on the player order stated on the scoresheet by both teams.
Where teams have a difficulty presenting a full team on a night, Team Captains should seek an alternative arrangement or if a team is one player short, the match can be completed with 3 players and a forfeit game.
On a pennant night, 3 players MUST be present and ready to play by 7.15pm and the 4th player MUST be present and ready to play by 8pm. Forfeits can be claimed if these conditions are not met. If forfeits are claimed, then the team captains should come to an agreement first before referring it to the QBSA MC.
Enjoy the 2017 season