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2019 BD Snooker Pennant Season – Updated ELO Ratings (20/4)

ELO Ratings have been updated as of 20/4.

Please take note of this as some team orders have changed.

Week Nine of Snooker Season results have been uploaded to BD Pennant Snooker.

Important Information- Now that we are past week six, if a team plays out of order (1 up, 1 down), that team will lose 1 ladder point as per the QBSA by laws.

Decision on the Finals schedule in A and C Grade will now be made at a delegates meeting, to be held Early May.

The Complete ELO Snooker Rating List has now been added under BD Pennant – Snooker

Playing Schedules and Team information for all three grades is now on display here:

Post updated 20/04/2019

Garvin Gray
QBSA Registrar