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All Snooker Pennant Teams – Kedron Wavell room availability


Hi all,


As you may be aware, the Kedron Wavell Snooker room was damaged by a storm last year.

Work was scheduled to rectify some structural issues this Thu-Sun, 9-12 Feb 2017.

It seems now that the work has commenced, there is more to do than first thought and so the room is closed until 27 Feb 2017 at the earliest.


Teams that have matches there during this period will be contacted by the captain of the Kedron Wavell team involved with a view to swapping the home/away schedule as shown in the draw or making other arrangements to complete the match.


Please be mindful of the predicament Kedron Wavell Snooker Club is dealing with and assist them through this period.


If a suitable arrangement cannot be achieved, then refer it to the QBSA MC and a decision will be made.