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Australian Billiards and Snooker Council 200 Club
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Hi all,


The ABSC 200 Club is a fund raising exercise aimed to help cover the costs associated with sending Australian player representatives to International events.


Queensland contributions to date:

QBSA 2 tickets

Redlands Snooker Club 2 tickets

Tattersalls Snooker CLub 1 ticket

Sherwood Snooker Club 1 ticket

G Millichap 1 ticket

Michael Needham 1 ticket

John Osterman (JandJ) 1 ticket

In recent years Queenslanders have been recipients of travel assistance to world events, Jayme White, Daniell Haenga, Zane Clarkson are a few.

Buying a NUMBER will give a 1 in 200 chance to win $1,000 will do wonders for these players expenses.

A 5 player team, $20 each player and a number can be yours. Details are available and purchases can be found HERE

Please support our sport.




The scenario is that a maximum of 200 numbers are sold at $100/number and for that, there will be 10 draws of $1,000.

In 2017, there will be the following draws: A minimum of 5 draws of $1000 and a maximum of 10 draws of $1000 will be subject to the sales.

100 numbers sold = 5 draws of $1000
120 numbers sold = 6 draws of $1000
140 numbers sold = 7 draws of $1000
160 number sold = 8 draws of $1000
180 numbers sold = 9 draws of $1000
200 numbers sold = 10 draws of $1000

The following dates will be reserved for draws in 2017

30 Apr Australian Masters Snooker Championship
21 May City of Melbourne Snooker
21 Jun Australian National Billiards Championship
16 Jul Ian Chappell Snooker
6 Aug Fred Osbourne Snooker Classic
20 Aug Australian National Snooker Championship
15 Oct Australian Open Snooker Championship
29 Oct Reventon Rankings Final


The QBSA has purchased 2 tickets (confirmed at the recent delegates meeting), Redlands Snooker Club has purchased 2 as have some QBSA individuals.

Please support this, we have some talented players in Queensland and Australia who can only benefit from international exposure to the worlds best.

A 5 player pennant team can purchase a number for 20/player and for affiliate clubs like Redlands, the individual cost is far less per player.

2017 Snooker season starts 13th February so a good time to organise a team syndicate number and get in before the first draw.


Every number has a chance to win in every draw.

ABSC 200 Club


John Osterman

President QBSA