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Delegates Meeting 4th May 2017 Sports House
A disgraceful attendance

What is the point? (11th May 2017)



In spite of this notice being posted 6 weeks prior to the meeting, thank god we have Life Members as only 1 club was represented with 2 delegates who happened to be supporting life members.

John Balderson, Bob Turpin, Harold Silver, all LM’s,  were the majority attending along with 2 committee members, John and Bob represented Redlands while Harold came as an observer.



It is not the role of the committee to keep chasing up delegates for these meetings, heaven knows we get enough complaint calls about the agenda items for this particular meeting. This was the clubs/teams opportunity to bring issues to the table and put steps in place to resolve them if needed.



There will be another meeting called at the end of the Snooker season and prior to the Start of the Billiards season. For this meeting, ALL clubs and independent teams will be required to bring along their team and player nominations, no exceptions.






A delegates meeting to discuss:

The current Snooker Season

The ranking system

The protocol for players being nominated in teams

General Business