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    2012 Brisbane District Pennant Season

    Formats of Play:

    A Grade – Monday nights:

    • Two Billiard players playing 3 frames. Each frame is 25 minutes.
    • Two Snooker players playing 3 frames.
    • The two Billiard games are played first, starting at 7pm.

    If a team only has three players on the night, the two billiard games must be played. One of the snooker games will be forfeited.

    Points Allocation:

    Billiards & Snooker – 1 point each frame won.

    • The Team with the most points at the conclusion of the match receive 2 ladder points.
    • If points are tied after match complete, the Team with the most games won wins the match and receive 2 ladder points.
    • If both points and games won are equal both Teams will receive 1 ladder point each.

    B Grade – Tuesday nights & C Grade – Wednesday nights:

    • Teams shall consist of four (4) players each contesting a game of Billiards only for one (1) hour and fifteen (15) minutes duration – Traditional format
    • A team may compete with three (3) players however thereby forfeits a game to its opponent.
    • There will be open Elo rating order of play.

    B and C Grade Barrier points Allocation:

    • B Grade Barrier: 220
    • C Grade Barrier: 180

    B and C Grade Elo ratings Allocation:

    • B Grade: All players must be rated below 1700 Elo at the start of the season.
    • C Grade: All players must be rated below 1400 Elo at the start of the season.
    • On any one particular playing night, a Team is permitted to field one (1) player who is less than 50 points above the Elo ratings allocation cut-off for that Grade.

    Points Allocation:

    • As per the By-Laws

    QBSA fee of $34 per night ($8.50 per player per night).

    A light supper and beverage is required to be supplied by Home Team.

    Season start date is Monday 30th July 2012.

    Team entries to be submitted no later than at the BDPSC Meeting scheduled for Sports House, 150 Caxton St., Milton on Monday 16th July 2012 commencing 6:45pm. Please remember all Affiliates are permitted two (2) Representatives at these meetings.



    Why do you keep shoving billiards down everyones throats.very few people are interested



    Whats the prizemoney breakdown?



    Could’nt agree more Paul!!

    You need to encourage players to play Snooker in Pennant not drive them away.



    While I dont agree with the mixed format, and while I dont agree with over complicating formats (easier to engage people if they understand what is going on), I do commend the committees attempts at trying to address a problem.

    Screwback (Im not sure who that is), but this format, good or bad, doesnt shove billiards down anyones throat, in fact it is enticing would-be biiliards players with a little snooker to garner wider interest.

    Remember it is billiards season.



    “Billiards Season” ..Premier league got how many entries ?Dont get me wrong i appreciate and like billiards and see the lack of interest as a little sad but if you have to compromise snooker in an attempt to flog the dead horse back to life the net result will be two dead horses.The obvious (well at least to me) option would be to run knockout billiard tournaments on the occasional weekend and attempt to build from there.



    Attaboy Screwback… avoid seeing dead horses lying all over the place , I , for one , would be in knockout billiards tournies. Hopefully it would re-kindle interest in the 3 ball game.




    It’s the Queensland [strike]Billiards and [/strike]Snooker Association!

    But in all seriousness, there needs to be pennant competition for the billiards enthusiasts. Regardless of the numbers they get.

    Good on the committee for trying something new too, with the 3 x 25minute frames. Would have been great to see this for the lower grades as well, but ‘trialling’ it in one grade initially is a good start!



    MattyT wrote:
    Good on the committee for trying something new too, with the 3 x 25minute frames. Would have been great to see this for the lower grades as well, but ‘trialling’ it in one grade initially is a good start!

    Hello Matt,

    Yes this is something new and is part of a greater agenda to try different ideas. There will be some trial and (hopefully little) error.

    The main feature, which some seem to have missed, is that for this season snooker has been added to A Grade in the attempt to keep a separate A Grade competition. Now those who are of A Grade snooker standard can not say that pennant is not available for them in the second half of the year.

    The idea of having the combined format for all grades was looked at, but some clubs raised issues with being able to form teams, so as it was A Grade that has regularly had problems getting a decent competition together, this idea is being trialled.

    It is hoped, and certainly something that is encouraged, that some snooker only players might have a go at billiards during the season, knowing that if after a couple of games they decide it is not something they are interested in, they can have other team members play billiards.

    As for the change to the time format: With snooker being added and a snooker result of 2-1 being possible, this meant that billiards had to change to a 3 frame format to even up the scoring system and offer equal weight for results between both forms.

    If this format is successful (and successful may not just mean total numbers) then it might be continued next season in 2013. If it is not that successful, then running two consecutive seasons of combined pennant will allow a switch of the seasons, with snooker in the second half of 2013 and billiards in the first half of 2014.

    I think this combined format is a very good one for the overall future of pennant and I do hope it is supported, either for this season, or if it is continued, for future seasons.



    Of course, there’s always the (radical?) option of scheduling snooker AND billiard pennants concurrently, i.e. 2 rounds of snooker, followed by 1 round of billiards… repeat then repeat again for x number of weeks.



    Time for an update.

    Pennant sub committee meeting held Monday 16/7.

    Team nominations:

    A Grade: Kedron Woof and Quilpie, Redlands Tigers. Rumours of a team from Matchroom Indooroopilly and Q-Masters.

    B Grade: Sherwood, QM, Redlands

    C Grade: Sherwood Hoods, Sherwood Knights, 2 teams from Redlands.

    So at this stage, no grade is able to form a competition. 6 teams in a grade is the minimum.

    Plenty of different options were discussed about what to do and it was agreed to try and ring quite a few of the non committed players on the elo list to see if they are wanting to play and could not form a team etc.

    So if there are players out there that are wanting to play in any grade, but are having difficulties finding a team, please contact me as soon as you can on 0422 99 30 62 or so we can try and arrange something for you.

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