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    Hi all,
    Forums are an unlikely place for the MC to do its business however, we recognise the need for players to convey their thoughts and messages in a broad medium. This forum will be looked at by the MC during the 2017 season and where required, responses will be posted. Emails remain the preferred form of communication. Enjoy this season.
    John Osterman


    MR 99

    As we now enter into the 2017 pennant series I would like to bring to attention two points of interest, firstly, the use of good competition tournament balls.
    I feel it is Important that all competing clubs use the same type of balls so that we as players can feel confident in any venue we play in, therefore may I suggest that all clubs buy and use only Aramith Pro 1 G sets as these are by far the best and most consistent sets available
    Secondly the foul and a miss rule, how about we use the same rule as 6 red snooker and have a maximum of four calls? Especially in the lower grades? Just a suggestion, any thoughts!Chris D


    harold silver

    The mickey mouse use of “maximum” calls etc is a blatant mis-use of the Rule. Necessary tolerance by referees is required for ALL players in any grade. as you request my suggestion(thought and hope) is that you and of course any other player/s please attend a seminar when our Director of referees soon names the date and place. in sporting anticipation, Harold.

    ps. It is worth another thought which is, if players decide not to use the Rule that is their prerogative however, ALL REFEREES ARE OBLIGED TO CALL IT.


    MR 99

    I have a question for you Harold, if, a referee calls a foul and a miss, initially then surely he must then continue to call it until the ball on is hit or snookers
    are required, in all grades?Chris


    harold silver

    Chris, the short answer is YES.

    Referees obtain their accreditation, and there are several that seem not to get the required experience AT THE TABLE, and we all have seen the situations where after two or three calls the striker gets closer and closer to the ball on and the referee “decides” that is enough and calls foul. ” I have my ticket I’m in charge “. NOT GOOD ENOUGH, that is sloppy refereeing. Harold


    MR 99

    Thank you for agreeing with me on a matter, that, I have always remained adamant that was the correct call, I am considering retaking my referees exam can you oblige me?



    Re “striker gets closer and closer to the ball on and the referee “decides” that is enough and calls foul”… or re-evaluates the situation after realising that the snooker is not an easy out and doesn’t want a simple run up behind a ball that required the skill level of a wombat to affect the outcome of a frame… especially when considering that should the snookering player deserve to win then they would have got better position on a colour to continue the break. Should we award frames to winners or cockroaches?
    That decision should be up to the referee in charge of the game, and not someone in the audience who assumes that they are in charge of the universe.


    MR 99

    According to the game’s governing body World Snooker, the rule states: “The striker shall, to the best of his ability, endeavour to hit the ball on.”
    So what if the player does not have the ability to hit the ball on? If he misses once, twice, three times or more? Then what should the referee think?



    What should the referee think?

    Referee A. ” He went close in one of those attempts , so he must be able to hit it”

    Referee B. “He is deliberately trying not to hit it”

    Referee C. “I will handle this like I see the pro refs on tv.. call everything ‘foul and miss’ till he needs snookers.

    Referee D. “Buggered if I know , I’ll call a couple of misses and then call foul”

    Referee E. “I want to be thought of as a good bloke , so I’ll just call a foul.

    Referee F. “I think that to the best of his ability he tried to hit it , but I’ll still call Foul and Miss because I don’t want to appear weak”

    And on and on and on we go.

    Don’t get me wrong…I think the rule is sound in principle…Most of our qualified refs can handle it ok.

    But as I have always maintained…Does the person refereeing the match HAVE THE ABILITY TO ADMINISTER THE RULE PROPERLY? In many cases the answer is a resounding ” NO ” In most games the person refereeing has little understanding of how to apply the rule.

    There lies our problem and is the reason for the countless arguments , dummy-spits ,and frustrated players over the many years this rule has been debated and probably for many more years to come.

    Thanks for listening…now it’s goodnight from him , and it’s goodnight from me…


    MR 99

    Yes i agree with you, but, the one main part of the rule must be considered, Did the player, to the best of his ability,that’s the part to consider, not oh, was the snooker easy or hard to get out of, it’s the players ability that a referee must first consider.Remembering that all players that are currently playing, say in pennant are ALL amateurs, and NOT professionals! Barry Hearn is as we speak considering removing the rule or making amendments so, perhaps in the not so distant future foul and a miss will be a thing of the past!



    Greetings to all forumites.
    As usual we are discussing the F&M rule again..
    Ask yourself this question.
    Have you ever spent time practising escapes instead of just potting balls?
    No? Exactly my point.
    I have seen some of you getting of of snookers. No idea. Period.
    Trump can undo what Obama have done over the years.
    Is Hearn a Trump, or Obama?
    If you are still stuck, seek help. There are many qualified coaches around.
    Thank you.



    Mr 99,
    I agree with your view on the 1G sets. They are the best.
    It up to the individual club to purchase them. Cant force the issue.
    What if I were to say that only the Wiraka tables are acceptable for pennants?
    Do clubs have to abide by that? I think not.
    And if you like to promote snooker by running some non top 16 tourneys,
    come and speak to us.
    We can always use some help in promotions.


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