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    The addition of the new DRAGONS has made the bye disappear and 15 complete rounds to be contested. Couple of teams still struggling for players – Mtchrm Phoenix and Rlds Sharks – any A Graders still wishing to participate please contact respective Teams.
    Nice to see Bronson Blackmore now a permanent in the KW WOOF – makes a bit of a mockering of the acronym.
    Thanks to Danik Lucas who has recently updated the Elo ratings – Steve Balderson galloping away with a 13 point increase and Steve Burford up a hugh 17 points!! Players at the top end find it difficult to make gains as they are always playing players rated below and are expected to win.
    Graham Baker a solid 40 points up. Steve Dobbie down 26 points due to an unforeseen loss in Rd 2.
    Round 6 sees the commencement of the return matches and Mtchrm Dragons have 3 catch-up matches to play
    No high breaks registered to date!!



    Detailed look at the A Grade player performances after completion of Round 5



    It would be good if the home team captain submitted match results within at least 36 hours, the result for the A grade match between KW Tarpies and Redlands Sharks still has not been submitted, today is Friday. If a 1 point deduction for failing to submit results by home team captain in allotted time was introduced this would make the submission of results a priority. This was a solution to late results taken by the ACT B&SA and works very well



    Fairly tough but I get your point – Team Captains please remember its the winning Teams responsibility to submit the results and the opposing Team Captain to check that submission to ensure accuracy – I will chase up.



    I concur with Bosun Jim. Very frustrating when results are not submitted in a timely manner.

    I do not agree that today is Friday.



    Have entered results but without actual frame scores – still following up.

    Can you give us all a clue on the which day it is?



    sorry about that,but i will confirm that today is Thursday not Friday. When one is retired and you can do whatever you want when you want days just blend into each other.



    Could you please confirm which captain is responsible in submitting match results? i always thought that it was the home team captain who had to submit the result and not the winning team captain. Today is definitely Thursday.



    bosun jim – just don’t be late Monday for Pennant
    The winning Team is responsible for entering the results (makes sense as they will want to get their results asap whereas the losing team maybe a little hesitant) The losing Team is responsible to view results for accuracy and advise if not quite spot on.
    Consequently it would have been Rlds Sharks being penalised. Not suggesting it is a bad solution to penalise and it would only have once or twice before all Teams got the message but pretty harsh! With a couple of exceptions the results have come in well within time and I think B Grade last week came in within 6 hours of matches being completed – somebody couldn’t sleep!
    Hope this clears the matter up.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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