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    Hi all,

    The Management Committee takes this opportunity to wish our Junior representatives, Snooker and Billiards, all the very best for this weeks tournaments.

    We are sure that the juniors would welcome your support so please take a moment in this forum to wish them every success and an enjoyable week, representing Queensland.




    Our players are putting in some great performances, please support them through this forum or the QBSA Facebook page.



    Hi Everyone,

    I apologise for the lack of updates during the week but it has been a busy four days of play since we have so many Qld kids!
    All of the results are on the ABSC website but below is the summary of the weeks play so far:

    U12 Snooker
    Amazingly we have four Queenslanders filling all four semi final spots.
    Joshua Hands and Ambrose Adeney have both made the final four in their first National Titles, well done boys!
    Semi Finals start at 1.00pm (Brisbane time)

    U15 Snooker
    Of Seven entrants out of the field of 13 players we have four Qld players into the finals series. Ambrose Adeney and Harry Mok are straight through to the Semi Finals while Xavier Daw and Bernie Buck will have quarter finals matches to qualifhy for the semis.
    Quarter Finals start at 11.45am (Brisbane Time)

    U18 Snooker
    We have Kyle Thomson, Ben Prebble and Hayden Goode through to the quarter finals of the U18 Snooker.
    Unfortunately all have ended up on the same side of the draw so only one will have the chance to make the grand final on Saturday. Good luck boys. Quarter finals start at 2.15pm (Brisbane time).

    U15 Billiards
    Harry Mok and Jayden Dinga will battle it out in the Grand Final at 2.15pm Saturday (Brisbane time).

    U18 Billiards
    Hayden Goode and Kyle Thomson went through the preliminary rounds undefeated and have qualified for the semi finals tomorrow at 11.45am (Brisbane time).

    Our Qld A team has also qualified for the Mitchell Billiards Teams Challenge Final and will compete against Victoria at 10.30am (Brisbane time) on Saturday morning.

    As you can see these are some very impressive results so far from our Qld squad and hopefully the success will continue over the next two days.
    Go Qld, lets follow in the footsteps of the State or Origin team! 🙂

    Live streams will be available for most matches on either:

    – Snooker Australia facebook page
    – My personal facebook page

    Ed Dinga



    Apologies for an error in the above post….for the Under 12’s it should read “Joshua Hands and Pranay Solanki have both made the final four in their first National Titles, well done boys!”.



    Today was another very successful days for the Qld squad.

    First up Qld A beat Victoria 5-0 and will play them again tomorrow in the Grand Final.

    In the singles events we had many participants and all played some excellent snooker and billiards.

    Under 12 Snooker
    Jayden Dinga defeated Pranay Solanki 2-0
    Ambrose Adeney defeated Joshua Hands 2-0.

    A special mention for Pranay and Joshua on what was an amazing result reaching the semi final stages of the competition in their first year at Nationals. I am sure there will be many more successful years ahead for these two!

    Under 15 Snooker
    Unfortunately we had three Queenslanders who were defeated in the quarter and semi finals (Xavier Daw, Bernie Buck and Ambrose Adeney). Harry Mok won his semi final and progress to the final.

    Under 18 Snooker
    Unfortunately in this draw we had all three of our Qld representatives on the one side of the draw meaning only one could reach the final. Kyle Thomson and Ben Prebble bowed out in the quarter and semi finals respectively. Congrats boys on a great week of snooker. Hayden Goode won through to the final.

    Under 15 Billiards
    There were no finals played today but we do have two Queenslanders in the final tomorrow, see below.

    Under 18 Billiards
    Hayden Goode was dominant in his semi final winning by almost 300 points. Kyle Thomson had an amazing match which included a fantastic fight back from approximately 60 points behind to win by 28!

    So tomorrow is the grand final day and we have an incredible number of Qld players who have qualified.

    10.30am TEAMS CHALLENGE : Qld A v Victoria
    11.45am UNDER 12 SNOOKER : Ambrose Adeney (Qld) v Jayden Dinga (Qld)
    11.45am UNDER 15 SNOOKER : Harry Mok (Qld) v Danyal Porter (SA)
    2.15pm UNDER 18 SNOOKER : Hayden Goode (Qld) v Marc Fridman (Vic)
    2.15pm UNDER 15 BILLIARDS : Harry Mok (Qld) v Jayden Dinga (Qld)
    11.45am UNDER 18 BILLIARDS : Hayden Goode (Qld) v Kyle Thomson (Qld)

    All of the above times are Brisbane time but are approximate only as it depends on how long the matches prior take to complete.

    See the ABSC website for detailed results from the week so far.
    Live streams will be available throughout the day tomorrow on the Snooker Australia facebook page and also some live streaming on my personal facebook page.

    Keep up the great work Qld!!

    Ed Dinga


    harold silver

    Great efforts and results by QLD Teams Junior Teams Challenge.

    QLD A Snooker Team winners; u/12 Snooker winner Jayden Dinga; u/15 Snooker r/up Harry Mok; u/18 Snooker winner Hayden Goode;
    u/18 Billiards winner Hayden Goode, r/up Kyle Thompson; u/15 Billiards winner Harry Mok, r/up Jayden Dinga.

    Somewhere in there may be a future at both sport…Harold



    Hello everyone,

    As most of you have probably seen on facebook and by Harold’s post above we had a hugely successful campaign at the Junior National Snooker & Billiards Championships in Adelaide over the past week.

    As Team Manager this year I am extremely proud of all of the Queensland participants who attended. They showed great skill and talent in billiards and snooker but more importantly excellent sportsmanship and etiquette on and off the table. Everyone made new friends and kept up existing friendships with players from other states which was fantastic to see.

    The group of parents and guardians that came along with the Qld contingent also made my job a breeze and added to the enjoyment of everyone involved this week.

    I would like to thank John Osterman and the QBSA MC for the extremely generous financial and moral support of the juniors this year and over the past 6 years that I have been involved. Without that support the involvement and success of so many Qld juniors would not be possible.

    The coaches of all involved players also need to be congratulated for their ongoing input, support and dedication.
    Special mentions go to Bob Turpin, Phil Haycock and Pete Williams.

    We had almost 50% of the whole field at the tournament (14 out of 33 players)!!
    This allowed us to field a Qld A & Qld B team as well as four other players who attended to participate in the individual championships.

    Of the 7 titles available Qld won 5 of them and also had runner up placings in 4 of them!

    U12 Snooker : Jayden Dinga (Qld) defeated Ambrose Adeney (Qld)
    U15 Snooker : Danyal Porter (SA) defeated Harry Mok (Qld)
    U18 Snooker : Hayden Goode (Qld) defeated Marc Fridman (Vic)
    U18 Girls Snooker : Isabella DiGiorgio (Vic) defeated Teah Raeburn (Vic)
    U15 Billiards : Harry Mok (Qld) defeated Jayden Dinga (Qld)
    U18 Billiards : Hayden Goode (Qld) defeated Kyle Thomson (Qld)
    TEAMS CHALLENGE : Qld A defeated Victoria

    While the winners and runner up placings are extremely impressive and have already been well spoken about in other forums, mainly facebook, there are also many other stories from the week that probably don’t (but should) get as much attention:

    In his first Nationals and at only 10 years of age Pranay Solanki won two out of his three round robin matches and secured a semi finals berth in U12 Snooker, with a huge beaming smile on his face the whole time!

    Also at his first Nationals, Joshua Hands (aged 12) made the final four in the U12 division and pushed Ambrose Adeney all the way in the semi final. Keep up the good work Joshua.

    The Adeney family from Q-Masters (Coached by Phil Haycock) fielded five of our Qld squad and continue to amaze with their talent. Every year of practice and experience means that all five brothers are to be feared at the local and national level…Well done boys!

    Three others from Q-Masters also impressed during the week (watch out for all of these kids in Brisbane Pennant over the coming years):

    Ben Prebble reached the U18 Snooker semi final with a very impressive win over Kyle Thomson in the qtr finals. Unfortunately he met fellow Queenslander and good mate Hayden Goode in the semi finals which Hayden won.

    Xavier Daw improved every day during the tournament and looks to be a great talent in the Under 15’s for the next couple of years. Well done Xavier on reaching the quarter finals.

    Bernie Buck had a year off last year but this year finished the U15 round robin stage undefeated and top of his group. Unfortunately he met a rampant Danyal Porter from SA, who was the eventual winner, in the quarter finals.
    Keep up the practice Bernie and we hope to see you again next year.

    Kyle Thomson was amazing all week with his continued improvement in snooker and billiards after stepping up to the U18 division. Great job again Kyle, it is always a pleasure having you along, your energy lifts the whole team!

    About the only downside from the entire week that I can think of was a poor choice of restaurant (Korean BBQ) by myself on the Friday night causing Bernie to be sick on the Saturday morning prior to the Teams final. Apologies to Bernie and Megan for this. Maybe McDonalds would be a safer option next year! 🙂

    A huge thank you to all parents and guardians involved but especially the kids who made the week very enjoyable.
    Presentation ceremony photos will follow shortly.

    P.S. We did not have any entrants in the U18 Girls division this year so if you know of any girls aged 10 to 18 years old who play any form of cue sports and might be interested in playing Snooker at next years Nationals please encourage them to contact the QBSA to find out how to get involved.

    Ed Dinga
    Qld Team Manager 2017



    Sorry for the lack of paragraph spacing in the above post!!
    If anyone can train me how to post properly just let me know!!

    Ed Dinga


    harold silver

    Ed, great comprehensive report on the Junior Challenge,..Harold



    Hi Ed
    As you have noticed the text filtering of line breaks on submissions and the line break replacement from data to text that gets displayed here is lame. Always has been.
    So to display what looks like a paragraph break, simply enter your line break by typing Enter and then typing a dot (.) as you see here in my message.
    See what a dot on a line can do?

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