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    The Committee at the Twin Town Services Club being pro active , decided to run a event on the 10th ,11th and the 12th June 2017

    Which was the normal weekend for the Ron Ashcroft Handicap Event ,

    But owing to the Major flood damage to the entire Lismore Workers Club , this event was cancelled this year , we do hold hope That the Lismore Workers can still have replacement snooker tables installed for next year

    Des Turner
    Far North Coast Snooker Association



    Flyer with details available on QBSA website, Banora post



    Entries close next Monday. Prizemoney $3000. Entry to consolation is free for first round losers; $10 for second round losers.
    Entries to date:
    1. Ray Wilcher
    2. Bryne Smith
    3.Dennis Payne
    4. Des Truner
    5. Luke Poile
    6. Darren Harris
    7. Jeff Lawn
    8. Rod Smith
    9. Paul Beggs.
    10. Steve Springer
    11. Peter Scanlan
    12. Brian Green
    13. Jack Malone
    14. Megan Fullerton
    15. Bob Moreton
    16.Tom Lucas
    17. Lance Baker
    18. Dave Dern
    19. Terry Malone
    20. Jimmy Thomson
    21. Paul Thomas
    22. Peter Campbell
    23. Adam Brown
    24. Rod Marquart
    25. Pat Jordan
    26. Joe Caridi



    Entries for this tournament close tomorrow, Monday.



    Additional nominations for the 2017 Northern Rivers Handicap Snooker Open this weekend at Club Banora:
    27. Stuart Bowers
    28. Kurt Brown
    29. Mitch Gorrick
    30. Phil Haycock
    31. Dean Keune
    32. Anthony Martin
    33. Jacinta McCabe
    34. Trevor Mortimer
    35. Jon Prendergast
    36. Dennis Sayers
    37. Keith Thotsakhui
    38. Danny Waldock

    Entries close 5pm Today.



    39 Chee Yap


    harold silver

    Congratulations to Banora B&S Committee for hosting the Ron Ashcroft Memorial Snooker gue to the devasting flood that Lismore
    suffered, also for up to date results on our forum…Harold


    Old Codger

    Harold full results on Club Banora Home page. OC



    A significant day today for the Club Banora based Twin Towns Snooker Club. First up, former president of more than three decades, Des Turner, was recognised in the Queen’s Birthday honours with the Order of Australia Medal for his multi-layered contribution to snooker and billiards in both NSW and Queensland. That honour is also appropriately recognised elsewhere on this form. The day also marked the successful conclusion of the Northern Rivers Handicap Open which was staged as a substitute for the Ron Ashcroft Memorial, normally held at Lismore Workers Club. Because that club was seriously damaged in recent floods, the team at Club Banora, under new president Peter Campbell, took up the challenge, secured sponsors and managed to attract a field of 40 starters in just a few weeks. Significantly one of the players was Jacinta McCabe, Ron Ashcroft’s grand-daughter.
    Adding to the true worth of Des’s award is the fact this this tournament could not have been staged at Club Banora, either, had it not been for his persistence and strong advocacy that saved the club from being consigned to history just a few years ago. A big thanks and congratulations to Des for all he has done for our sport. And yes, despite the honour and glory he was back there refereeing today’s final as he has done so often in the past. Results are on the club website.


    Garry Gold

    Congratulations Des – a well deserved award – from all at Redcliffe


    Old Codger

    History in the making.
    My history research from 1788 til now shows that Des Turner (OAM) is only the third Queensland cueist to be honoured. Sir Albert Sakzewsi, Dr Clem Jones (AO) and Des Turner.
    Two very highly respected millionaire/philanthropists and a local “postie”.
    It really is a great effort, Des. OC

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