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    Entries to date in the Eamonn Duff to be held at Club Banora.* denotes confirmed. Entries close Sunday week Sept 24.
    1. Adam Brown*
    2. Peter Campbell*
    3. Paul Chappell
    4. Ryan Cretan
    5. Dave Dern*
    6. Mitch Gorrick
    7. Brian Green
    8. Adrian Hands*
    9. Joshua Hands*
    10. Darren Harris*
    11. Tony Hill
    12. Mark Johnson
    13. Tom Lucas
    14. Anthony Martin*
    15. Paul Maytum*
    16. Dennis Payne*
    17. Luke Poile
    18. John Prendergast*
    19. Wayne Pringle*
    20. Himona Remana*
    21. Dennis Sayers*
    22. Bryne Smith*
    23. Rod Smith*
    24. Tea Smith*
    25. Paul Thomas*
    26. Jimmy Thomson*
    27. Des Turner*
    28. Ray Wilcher
    29. Graham Wilson
    30. Jack Malone



    31. Geoff Lorkin*
    32. Bob Morton*
    33. Steve Springer*
    34. Jeff Lawn*
    35. Jim Cruz
    Withdrawn: Graham Wilson, Paul Chappell.
    Entries Close this Sunday.



    Additional noms for the Eamonn Duff

    36. Charlie Brown
    37. Danny Waldock
    38. Christian Kaye
    39. Gaven Kaye
    40. Megan Fullerton
    With 2 withdrawals, the field currently stands at 38.



    41. Trevor Mortimer* Last year’s runner-up
    42. Peter Kitchener
    Some of the above have now confirmed.



    43. Steve Burford
    Graham Wilson has re-nominated so this means a field of 42 so far, with entries closing on Sunday.



    44. Paul Beggs
    45. Keith Thotskhui

    Nominations close today, Sunday 24th.



    A plea from Eamonn Duff organisers…spomeone who is not a Twin Towns member on 22 September made a bank transfer entry of $60 for this tournament but there is no name. Only ID is the first six letters of thier mobile which is 0455575****. Could the player contact one of the organisers listed on the front of the entry flyer so that they make the draw.



    A forensic accounts person has identified the player. All good.



    for people wanting to see the live scoring please go to
    then click on the live draw

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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