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    Positive Gossip? I live in Gympie and i don’t know who won the Col Pye Memorial Tournament this weekend,maybe someone on the QBSA Website knows who was victorious.I’ve been out of town today,asked a couple of people and they didn’t know either..Just wondering why this prestigious tournament was not on the QBSA website advertised,promoting the game as Col promoted the sport with his very special passion of love with no bias.Ke
    ep on playing the best sport of all and hopefully always, B Lucky.



    Help me out on this one please he ‘Wrong Day’ now resides near Gympie
    should i abstain from snooker or is he a ‘JOY’ to be around.
    This man thinks his website has crashed,now i’m wondering? Help!



    Being a regular at the Gympie snooker club, can you please find out and post those results here?

    For example were there any breaks made over 35 (S.Smith)?

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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