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Reasons Why A Graders are NOT Playing Pennants

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    Hi all, after having several discussions with some of the A Grade players, thought it was time to put a post up here why some of us are not or will not be playing pennants. If we can all add our thoughts here, then maybe the QBSA will have a better understanding of what we want.



    I will get the ball rolling…. When the rule changed that you can play in any order they partly lost me. As a player, I want to play the best players that I can. If I am going to pay $10 or $15 or $20 per week to play then I want to play someone who is ranked somewhere near me preferably higher, and I am sure all A graders or all players would agree with that ( except for whoever is at the top of the rankings, they will have to play someone lower.. lol)

    By what the QBSA have done this year, allowing to play in any order, and lowering the ELO cut offs for B Grade and by this pushing more B Graders into A Grade, a Number 1 A grader in his team could quite possibly play against a Number 2,3 or 4 B Grader. Without being derogatory towards the B Graders… I don’t want to do that, and I wont and that is why I am not playing Pennants this year.



    Well that pretty well sums it up peter.
    i agree with what you are saying, and after talking with robbie tibbs its also about the good old cash in the hand or lack there of.
    we pay roughly $ 300 per player for snooker pennant and if you make it into the finals and happen to win the grand final all you get is a $3.75 flag not that its a bad thing at least we get some thing other than a kick in the arse.
    which reminds me have we got ours YET?????????????????????????? :whistle:

    i to have been approached by other players asking is it possible to run another premier league. not sure how we can with pennants on mon-wed. but definely food for thought??

    This is by no means a threat to the QBSA its just what players have asked . If the grades get all fixed up i will play pennant and maybe just maybe run premier league on a sunday.

    As far as i know, All the players are after is some return for all the money we put in plus good competion between the players the stronger the grade the better the competion is.



    If the situation remains as is with the proposed format for 2012 Snooker Pennants, it might be possible that there will be very few genuine A grade teams and the ‘A’ grade could be made up of a few B Grade teams that have been pushed up by the elo cutoff, not because they wanted to have a go in A Grade.

    Surely that is not a good result for anyone.

    I was contemplating playing the A Grade snooker season, even though I would much rather be playing billiards (but that is argument for another thread), if the situation remains as is, I will also not be playing.

    I have played in two seasons of compromised competitions, one about 10 years ago where A and B were forced together, players could play in any order and handicaps were involved. It was a disaster. And then for the 2011 Billiards season, it was repeated again, and was acknowledged to be not a wise idea.

    So what happens for 2012 snooker pennant, play in any order, lowering the elo cutoff to force B Graders into A Grade. Sounds like a very similar recipe to me.

    It seems very clear and unambigious that quite a lot of the genuine A graders and potential players are going to give this season a miss and potentially there could be at least one competition run in ‘opposition’ to pennant.

    In summary, my reasons for not playing the 2012 snooker pennant:

    1) Play in any order
    2) B Graders forced up
    3) The feeling that it is either play snooker or nothing
    4) Exhorbitent costs, especially 1, 2 and 3. Poor value for money
    5) General conditions and atmosphere.



    I am starting to wonder if ‘play in any order’ is being used because if players had to play in their correct elo order, then it would require the ratings to be updated each week and this seems to be a very difficult task indeed.

    So it is just much easier to have play in any order than to update the ratings.



    1…play in ranking order

    2…A good old CASH prize at the end of the rainbow will see ’em flocking in

    It’s all very well about playing ”for the team or the club” but you can’t pay the rent with loyalty and prestige…let’s face facts…the mighty dollar reigns…




    100% correct, Dennis!



    Hey all, a couple months ago I emailed a document to Forbes to be circulated to the club representatives. I’ll save a lot of time and just post it on here for you all to digest at your own leisure…

    Thinking Outside The Square…


    Snooker & Billiards Pennant competitions run concurrently from March to September –
    • Billiards Pennant played every third week;
    • Snooker Pennant played every other week.
    Scheduling might seem unfair to billiards players, however this might be of some relief to teams from clubs such as Buderim and Twin Towns, as they wouldn’t have to travel every second week.

    Premier League Billiards and Snooker would be run every third week –
    • Premier League Billiards would be run on the week before each round of Billiards Pennant fixtures;
    • Premier League Snooker would be run on the same week as each round of Billiards Pennant fixtures.

    Here’s how the above arrangement would work in a 6-week period, with Pennant fixtures Monday to Wednesday, and Premier League held on Thursdays:

    Week Monday (A grade), Tuesday (B grade), Wednesday (C & D grade), Thursday (Premier League)
    1 Billiards pennant, Snooker Premier League
    2 Snooker pennant
    3 Snooker pennant, Billiards Premier League
    4 Billiards pennant, Snooker Premier League
    5 Snooker pennant
    6 Snooker pennant, Billiards Premier League

    Due to the low number of D grade players in the QB&SA in Billiards and Snooker, I would propose that C & D grades be combined for the duration of the regular Pennant Season; the top 3 teams in each grade on the combined ladder would then participate in their respective Grade Finals Series. This would also have the added benefit of exposing new/novice players in D grade to more experienced/skilled opponents.

    The draw would be scheduled so that no fixtures would be played during the school holidays, with the exception of Grade Championships and/or Premier League.


    Now, this might not directly address the issue of why A graders aren’t playing pennant, but I thought I’d share my ideas with you in the interests of snooker & billiards.




    Further to my previous post, the length of the season could be extended by 4-6 weeks so that there isn’t such a long off-season.

    It also opens up the possibility of billiards and snooker Grade Championships to be played at the conclusion of the finals series.




    And let’s not forget the “Twenty20” of snooker, 6-Red, which the QB&SA has a state championship of but no regular pennant competition. A revamped BDPSC calendar might even find room during the off-season (November to February) for a “6-Red Summer Pennant”.

    Jeez the ideas are flowing thick and fast now… must be something in my cuppa tea! :-)




    I’d like to see the reasons why A graders who haven’t played for a few years are not playing and if any of the suggestions listed in the above posts would encourage them back.




    I really quite like your ideas and perhaps an adaptation of these mixed with a few other ideas that have been floated over the years are where we need to have.

    thanks Scott



    Come on guys you all need to comment on here even if it has been mentioned by someone else. I have spoken with quite a few players and …. You all do the talk so now its time to do the walk and add your thoughts, comments, ideas etc.



    Ive previously stated my reasons for not playing week in week out.Work and family commitments dont allow me the time required to play consistently at the level that gives me any real enjoyment.Monetary return has never been a consideration for me as i believe anyone playing snooker in qld/aust that expects some sort of real financial return regardless of commitment and/or skill level is deluded



    im not going to be able to play full time this season, as i will most likely be away 9 days out of each 18, so missing 2 weeks at a time.
    tony lombardo hasnt got the time or will to play snooker any more.
    adrian ashford isnt interested

    i think in general the reason good players are not playing is they are not interested anymore.

    what has caused this could be events that have pissed them off, or miss treatment by qbsa, lack of incentive ie prizemoney, lack of interest from team members etc etc.

    all in all i think most players are not challenged by the competition anymore, and have no reason to want to get to the top.

    getting to the final of the state title means you get to play a match for enough money for a few weeks practice with 5-10 people watching.

    i think we need to concentrate on making the best of what we have and not trying to chase the numbers and players of yesteryear as the sport is simply smaller now than it was.


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