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National Railways Institutes State Teams Competition

Hi all,


An annual teams and individual competition is played between the various Australian Railways Institutes. This year it is being hosted by the Queensland Railways Institute at the Redcliffe Snooker Club from 5th-10th Match 2017.


Many of the players taking part are members of the State Affiliates of the ABSC, QBSA members playing are Peter Warwick, Trevor Mortimer, Jim Wicks, Mick Ryan, Dallas Aitken and John Osterman.


Both Billiards and Snooker are played, it is very competitive and Queensland has a proud record over the years.


All teams would like to recognise the contribution the following sponsors and associated organisations have made to the running of this years tournament


Moreton Shire Council

QRI Lifestyle


The Queensland Billiards and Snooker Association wishes all teams, players and supporters an enjoyable week and recognises the Moreton Shire Council and QRI Lifestyle contribution.