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New app, please join the QBSA team App


Choose the brochure link below to see how to join our latest communication medium, QBSA Team App


This is very much a work in progress and so we would gladly take any comments, hints, inputs any member might have.


Much of what you will find here will be taken from the QBSA website however, here it will be in a more convenient form and important notices, upcoming events and tournament results will be pushed to you for your up-to-date knowledge. You can select to be informed via sms, email or both or none if you choose to visit the app regularly and not be cluttered with messages.


One very important aspect of the App’s function is to record its popularity. This then enables the national and state bodies to use this information in seeking sponsorship, the great the membership, the greater the visitation the more chance a sponsor is likely to consider the benefit to them. Lets make this a win win and sign up to the App.


Please send your thoughts to


Follow the instructions on the qbsa-teamapp-brochure


OR go to the website version


QBSA team app