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2017 QB&SA Junior Under Age Championships
For representation at 2018 Mitchell Billiards Teams Challenge &
Australian Under Age Championships

The QB&SA under age Billiards and Snooker championships are to be held prior to the end of the 2017 year to allow representation at Mitchell Billiards Team and Australian Junior Championships to be held in Adelaide from 7th to 12th January 2018.

Qld Under 15 Billiards 4th and 5th November Venue Redlands  
Qld Under 18 and Under 21 Billiards 18th and 19th November Venue Redlands  
Qld Under 15 Snooker 25th and 26th November Venue Redlands/Redcliffe to be confirmed  
Qld Under 18 Snooker 9th and 10th December Venue Redlands  
Qld Under 12 Snooker 16th and 17th December Venue Redlands/Redcliffe to be confirmed.  
Graham Stewart will be Tournament Director for the events.  
Coaches, Parents and or Junior players are requested to advise Graham Stewart of who will be attending and playing in these events so as a schedule can be prepared.
Player eligibility to attend the Australian Under Age Championships:
Under Entry Status of players on ABSC website:
Players are eligible to enter an ABSC Billiards and/or Snooker Championship provided the player meets the following conditions:
– Is a current financial member of the State Affiliate in which he/she is domiciled
– Is not currently under any suspension or ban from any cue sport body
– For any under-age event, is under that age on January 1st of the year of competition.