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Sports House : Re. Forbes Davies

Letter received from Col Smith, Manager Sports House .

Members of QBSA

With Forbes (Davies) recently stepping down from his role as the paid administrator for QBSA I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for his tenancy at Sports House.

Since January 2004 approximately Forbes has occupied the office of QBSA at Sports House (Milton) as the paid administrator and during this time he has always represented QBSA in a thoroughly professional manner and been a pleasure to deal with and have as a tenant of Sports House.

I found Forbes to be always willing to ensure Sports House tenancy policies and procedures were complied with 100% and importantly in a co operative and friendly manner.
The professional attitude and ethics Forbes displayed were complemented by his friendly demeanour, willingness to participate in Sports House communal activities (eg Melb Cup, Footy tipping comps etc)  and willingness to have a joke, which made his company as a fellow tenant of Sports House a pleasure.
I trust Forbes will not be lost to the sport because his experience, knowledge, and passion could not be replaced.


Kind regards.

Col Smith | Manager Sports Houses