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2011 Queensland 6 Red Snooker Championship

Kurt Brown defeated Brett Guthenberg in Final 3 - 0.

The 2011 Queensland Champion will have the Entry Fee paid PLUS up to $400 (determined by number of entries) towards expenses to compete in the Australian 6 Red Championship at Mounties Club, Mt Pritchard, NSW on Thursday 13th October 2011. This Championship will have the Champions from each State competing and the winner will represent Australia at the IBSF World 6 Red Championship (ABSC International Representation Criteria apply) Open to Australian Citizens who are financial members and reside in the area of responsibility of the QB & SA Inc..



Host venue: Q – Masters Pty Ltd., Castlemaine Street, Milton.

Entries open until 9am Sat 3rd 2011

IBSF Rules of 6 Red Snooker

  1. Delete the “Foul and a Miss” rule.
  2. After any foul:
    1. The Referee shall immediately state Foul, Free-Table (only if snookers are not required as the result of the stroke).
    2. The non-offender player has 3 options:
      1. Play from where the balls have come to rest
      2. Ask the opponent to play again from where the balls have come to rest
      3. Play the cue-ball from anywhere on the table, except when snookers are required.
  3. A player cannot snooker behind a nominated ball after potting a ball on.


Full results – 2011 Qld 6 Red Cship