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2016 Snooker Pennant Draws –



There has been a lots of player and team juggling since the first nominations were received and I am sure you will all appreciate that we want to get as many players playing as possible

That being said there are still some players looking for a team or another player to make up a team, anyone out there wanting to play but not yet assigned to a team please contact Trevor Mortimer ( or John Osterman



Please remember that all players MUST be financial with the QB&SA by the start of the second round.


Playing Order

As per delegates meeting minute 2 July 2015

General discussion held and agreement reached that for next season’s competition that players would play in accordance with ranking order with players allowed to play one position out of ranking order (i.e. Number one ranked player can play in number 1 or 2 position only. Number 2 ranked player can play in 1,2 or 3 position only.Number 3 ranked player can play in 2,3 or 4 position only. Number 4 ranked player can play in 3 or 4 position only.)


There has been a good response to this years Pennant Snooker, albeit changing every other day.

There is a request from the new team from Qmasters, they are a bunch of Juniors from the one family and we look forward to helping them migrate into the senior competition ranks. They would like to play all their home games on a Tuesday or Thursday night. Now the QB&SA could issue an edict on this however in the interests in keeping things simple, I have asked their coach, Phil Haycock, to make sure he contacts each other team captain giving all involved plenty of time to make the arrangement. If there is not a suitable arrangement, then the QB&SA MC will make a decision on the night the match is to be played and it will not be at the inconvenience of the non Qmasters team. I am sure this can be addressed to every one’s satisfaction. JO QB&SA Mc



Snooker Scoresheet 2016

Scores to be emailed or sms to Trevor Mortimer 0409 263 142

Snooker Rankings LINK




Here are the draws for the 2016 Snooker Pennant season.


2016 A Grade Snooker Pennant Draw


2016 B Grade Snooker Pennant Draw


2016 C Grade Snooker Pennant Draw

Please note a name change for Tattersall’s C Grade team, now Tatts Titans and the Qmasters team the QM Players