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2017 Queensland Men’s Residents Snooker Championship
26th-28th May & 2nd-4th June.

The 2017 Queensland Men’s Residents Snooker Championships

The Final has begun, frame scores on Challonge link, live casting on QBSA Facebook page from frome 2, best of 9, Stephen leads 1 frame to nil

Congratulations to Stephen Burford, a very solid victory winning the championship 5 frames to nil. Throughout the tournament, Stephen only conceded 4 frames, a very impressive performance for this now 2 time winner of the Qld Resident’s Snooker Championship.


Congratulations to defending Champion Daniell Haenga for making it to the final.

Well done Ben Farnworth and Chris Shaw for being worthy semi finalists.


Pete (Peter) Williams did an excellent job preparing the tables each weekend, thanks to Kedron Wavell Snooker Club for making the tables available and to Chee Yap whose venue was available on week 1.


We were very well served by referees again this past 2 weeks, very well appreciated by the players and organisers.

Graham Baker and Des Turner organised their referees well.


Thank you to the Life Members who once again attended the tournament and in some cases officiated. They continue to be the majority attendees at tournaments.


Out patron and donor of the magnificent trophy we all play for, George Goold, was in attendance and had some words of wisdom for the QBSA to work to in the future.





The Semi Finals are underway between Daniell Haenga v Chris Shaw and Ben Farnworth v Stephen Burford.

At the mini break after 4 frames the scores are:

Dainell Haenga wins

Haenga 2 v Shaw 2 (Shaw a break of 72 in the 4th frame)

Stephen Burford wins

Burford 4 v Farnworth 1

Progressive frames are shown on the Challonge link, actual frames scores will be available at the end of each match

The times for the weekend draws and times can be found

Saturday  2017 Residents 2nd weekend Sat Draw

Sunday 2017 Residents 2nd weekend Sun Draw


The Callonge live Knockout Draw and progress scores for next weekend can be found HERE

Please disregard the seeds numbers shown in the Challonge for the first round, they were created by the Challonge system and do not reflect the order after qualifying, the link below will show how the players qualified for the second weekend.

Progressive Scores Available HERE


High Breaks

James Gibson 63, 55

Dayne Van Kempen 47


After a deal of soliciting, we have a field of 48 players.

The top 8 seeds will go through to the round of 16

The remaining 40 will play in 5 groups of Round Robin on the first weekend at Matchroom and Kedron Wavell, best of 3 frames.

The Saturday of the second weekend, the top 2 from each round robin group will play off for entry to the round of 16, best of 5 frames.

Entry fee is now $50, those who have paid online will receive a refund on their first day of play.

For the Round Robin section, here is the draw, 2017 Residents Draw v4



Entries closing soon!!!


Prize Money for Winner, Runner Up, Losing S/F, losing Q/F, Round Robin Winners, High Break

Minimum 8 frames of Snooker in the round robin stage, top 2 go through to the round of 16.

Win your round robin group and you are guaranteed 11 frames of snooker for $30, RR winners receive $20.

Please the entry form on the link below.

Entry Fee, Air Fares and a contribution to accommodation will be given to the Queensland Qualifier for the National Championships according to the conditions of entry on the entry form.



If you are entering, please use the entry form below, it is a fast way for the TD as follows:

  1. up to date entry list
  2. is your acceptance of the playing conditions
  3. helps the TD plan the event budget

Will be held on the weekends 26th, 27th, 28th May and 2nd 3rd, 4th June.

2 venues will be used the first weekend, Matchroom at Sunnybank and Kedron Wavell at Chermside.


Depending on entries, if the Friday nights are required, matches will not commence before 6.30pm


Players may be required to share referee/scoreboard duties for 1 match during the round robin stages on the first weekend.

A schedule will be published at the time of the draw. No player will be required to referee immediately prior to their match.



Entry Form and Conditions of play available HERE


TD John Osterman

email:    Mobile: 04900 75698

with assistance from

Chee Yap, Trevor Mortimer Matchroom

Peter Williams, Adrian Hands Kedron Wavell