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2017 Queensland Under 18 Snooker Championship
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TD’s Report

The 2017 Under 18 Snooker Championship will be held on the weekend 1st-2nd April at the Redlands RSL, Redlands Snooker Club.


The Tournament Director’s Report


Another successful under 18 tournament held at Redlands and special thanks goes to the Snooker Club and those that arranged the use of their facilities.

Thanks to Harold Silver, Pete Williams, Graham Stewart, Terry Stewart John Balderson, and John Osterman for refereeing because without them the tournament could not have been the success it was.

Des Turner we appreciate the effort in arranging referees and we know you would have been there but for the flooding in northern NSW. We hope all goes well.

Special mention also goes for Terry Stewart who was not well but came up from the Coast to help out and had to make it through a number of obstacles before arriving.

Now to the players that started out with 16 went to 14 back to 16 and ended up with 12 on the day. To each and every one, you did the game your coaches and all your followers proud and Junior Snooker is alive and well looking at your performances.

After completion of the round robins the quarter finals saw Hayden Goode defeat Harry Mok 2-1, Ben Prebble defeat Jayden Dinga 2-1, Leo Adeney defeat Bernie Buck 2-0,and Kyle Thomson defeat Ambrose Adeney 2-0.

Semi Finals saw Hayden Goode defeat Leo Adeney 3-0 and Kyle Thomson defeat Ben Prebble 3-1.

The final saw Hayden Goode take on Kyle Thomson. After 4 frames the scores were level at 2 frames each. With the colours left on the table in the final frame it was still either players game. Hayden took green to black with a great pot out under pressure to win the final frame 58 to 49 and win the Championship.

Hayden also managed the high break of 48 during the competition.

Well done to all players for the sportsmanship and camaraderie shown and one can only hope it continues well into the future.

Trevor Mortimer T.D.



Under 18 QBSA Championship



The Tournament Director is Trevor Mortimer

0409 263142


Entry Form and Playing conditions are HERE