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A Grade Billiards Pennant finals 2015


The A Grade Billiards pennant home and away season has now been completed.

Congratulations to Redlands Tigers finishing Minor Premiers, followed by Sherwood Phoenix, Redlands Misfits and Redcliffe Woofs.

Finals are to be held next week Starting Monday 16th November 2015.


Game 1 Redlands Tigers v Sherwood Phoenix at Redlands RSL Snooker Club Mon 16th Nov Start 6.30pm


Stephen Burford(273) defeated Steven Balderson(242) 3-0

Geoff Millichap(197) lost to Graham Clarkson(277) 0-3

Mick Ryan(196) lost to Jim Wicks(205) 0-2

Garvin Gray(254) defeated Alan McFarlane(159) 3-0

Sherwood Pheonix defeated Redlands Tigers 6-5

High Breaks SBurford 48, 52, 63  S Balderson 45

Referees Chee Yap and John Osterman



Game 2 Redlands Misfits v Redcliffe Woofs at Redlands RSL Snooker Club Tue 17th Nov Start 7.00pm


Peter Warwick(274) defeated Robert Day(215) 3-0

Graham Baker(304) defeated Keiran Frettingham(197) 3-0

Jim Heathwood(278) defeated Hayden Goode(275) 3-1

Trevor Mortimer(294) defeated John Mulvey(217) 3-0

Redcliffe Woof defeated Redlands Misfits 12-1

High Breaks G Baker 47 H Goode 43 J Heathwood 41

Referees David Cooper and John Osterman



Game 3 Wednesday 18th November will see Redlands Tigers 11 defeated Redcliffe Woof 1, at Redlands RSL.


Jim Wicks (345) defeated Peter Warwick (245) 3-0

Jim Savage (355) defeated Graham Baker (259) 3-1

Steve Balderson (328) defeated Jim Heathwood (229) 3-0

Alan McFarlane (200) defeated Trevor Mortimer (185) 2-0

Redlands Tigers defeated Redcliffe Woof 11-1

High Breaks S Balderson 54 Jim Wicks 70 P Warwick 54

Referees Chee Yap  John Osterman



Grand Final to be held on Thursday 19th November Sherwood Pheonix  versus Redlands Tigers, at Sherwood RSL.


Stephen Bufrord (207) lost to Steven Balderson (240) 0-2

Garvin Gray (171) lost to Graham Clarkson (242) 0-2

Mick Ryan (189) defeated Alan MsFarlane (170) 2-0

Geoff Millichap (244) defeated Jim Wicks (208) 2-0

Referees Chee Yap Trevor Mortimer


The result is a 4-4 Draw. 3 Players play 1 x 25minute session each to decide the outcome

Stephen Burford (119) defeated Steve Balderson (47)

Garvin Gray (77) defeated Graham Clarkson (55)

Geoff Millichap (54) lost to Jim Wicks (77)

Referees Chee Yap  Trevor Mortimer  John Osterman



Sherwood Phoenix are the 2015 Inter Club A Grade Billiards Champions

Congratulations to all teams for a competitive and good spirited competition.



QB&SA will provide drinks and supper for the participants and visitors to all finals.

Please NOTE the early start on Monday is to cater for the possibility of a draw in which case, Team Captains select any 3 players from the 4 who played and in the same order as listed  the night’s card (123, 124 134 234) and they will each play a 25 minute decider.

2015 Billiards Final Week Cards

2015 Billiards Final Week Stats