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Delegates Meeting July 2015

To all affiliated clubs

There will be a delegates meeting on the 2nd July, 7pm at Sports House, Caxton Street, Milton

All Brisbane Affiliated Club’s delegates are encouraged to attend, any member of the QB&SA is entitled to attend and speak however, only affiliated club’s delegates have the voting right. Notice of your intention to ttend would assist the MC in booking a suitable room for the night, please respond by email or to the forum topic.

The agenda for the evening will be as follows

  • Current Snooker Pennant Format
  • 2015 Billiards Pennant Format
  • Rankings and Handicaps
  • There will be discussion on the most appropriate way to include players in Queensland events who do not have a Queensland Ranking but do have another AB&SC affiliate ranking or Australian ranking

Each of these topics will be allocated 30 minutes discussion time and it would be appreciated if each affiliate/member could send their thoughts/wishes/high;ights to the committee by email 48hrs before the meeting so they can be documented for distribution at the meeting, It is from these meetings that we shape and define the QB&SA cue sports schedule.