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Membership Application Form – Sign and Submit Here
2017 Membership is now Overdue.

Hi all


It is a requirement, for a number of reasons, from the QB&SA, AB&SC, IB&SF, Australian Alcohol & Drug Enforcement and Player Insurance policies, that each member MUST sign an application form each year.


If paying by Cheque, please use the form available through this link and send with your remittance.

2017 QBSA Membership Form


If you choose to submit using the form below, it is considered to represent your signature to agree to the conditions applicable to membership of the QB&SA Inc.

You agree to all the playing conditions stated in the By-Laws and Entry Forms for play you participate in
You agree to abide by the decisions of the QB&SA Inc and its appointed representatives.
You agree to all Alcohol and Anti Drug Policies as stated on the QB&SA, AB&SC and AB&SR conditions for membership and participation.


Queensland Billiards & Snooker Association Inc.

Individual's personal information will remain confidential and shall only be used by
the QBSA for member's records. General statistics may be used in requests for funding.
Membership Number
Date of Birth*
Membership Fees are as follows: Under 18 $10  Other $30
Cheques payable to QB&SA Inc. mailed to: PO Box 417, Spring Hill   Qld   4004
Direct Deposit: Westpac Bank bsb: 034086 Account: 146996 Rererence: your name
Select Payment Option:

By clicking the submit key, I acknowledge that I have read, understood and will abide
by the rules and regulations applicable to my QB&SA Inc. membership

Date Acknowledged & Submitted*