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QBSA 2016 Billiards Pennant Finals Series
A Grade Champions Matchroom Dragons
B Grade Champion John Mulvey
C Grade Champions Redlands Muddies

The A Grade Billiards ended with the following top 4 teams

1 Redcliffe WOOF (Worn Out Old Farts)

2 Matchroom Dragons

3 Sherwood Phoenix

4 Redlands Tigers

Monday Semi Final (75Mins) 3 Phoenix v 4 Tigers

Steve Burford 326 defeated Jim Savage 200

Geoff Millichap 196 defeated by Hayden Goode 306

Mick Ryan 150 defeated by Graham Clarkson 224

Garvin Gray 234 defeated Jim Wicks 167

Phoenix 5 Tigers 5

Play off (3 from each team play 30 minute match)

Jim Wicks 53 defeated Garvin Gray 44

Hayden Goode 95 defeated Steve Burford 94

Graham Clarkson 113 defeated Geoff Millichap 43

Tigers defeated Phoenix    Referees Pat Jordan, Treston Urwin

Tuesday Semi Final (75Mins) 1 WOOF v 2 Dragons

Results as follows.
Peter Warwick 238 lost to Anthony Brooker 344
Graham Baker 199 defeated Rocky Poon 171
Trevor Mortimer 223 lost to Chee Yap 289
Jim Heathwood 144 lost to Sam Kairouz 321

Wednesday preliminary final WOOF V Tigers

Results as follows
WOOF 9 – 2 Tigers
Graham Baker 321 defeated Jim Wicks 188
Trevor Mortimer 274 defeated Jim Savage 234
Jim Heathwood lost 211 to Hayden Goode 223
Peter Warwick 274 defeated Graham Clarkson 209

Thursday Grand Final

Matchroom Dragons v Redcliffe WOOF
Results as follows
Dragons 8 – 3 WOOF
Sam Kairous 258 d Graham Baker 252
Rocky Poon 216 d Jim Heathwood 180
Chee Yap 209 lost to Trevor Mortimer 220
Anthony Brooker 328 d Peter Warwick 186
Congratulations Matchroom and the 4 teams making the finals series such a competitive finale to the 2016 A Grade Billiards season.


The B Grade Billiards was a Singles round robin event

The finals series will start next Monday 12th December

The Top 4 players were

  1. Robert Day
  2. John Mulvey
  3. David Cooper
  4. Rob Bayliss Snr

Results on the first night 

Bob Day 235 defeated John Mulvey 198

Rob Baylis 210 defeated Dave Cooper 188

Results on the second night

John Mulvey defeated Rob Bayliss 208 to 185.

John then went on to defeat Bob Day 245 to 197 in the Grand Final

Congratulations John Mulvey, B Grade Champion 2016.

The C Grade Pennant was a difficult year with the withdrawal of 2 teams complicating the event.

The final was played between Redlands and Redcliffe with Redlands being the victors.

Well done to Redcliffe team who joined the QBSA this year and until this season, had only played on an 8×4 table.

Congratulations to the Redlands team, a mix of juniors and senior players.


Thank you to all those who refereed in the finals for all grades