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QB&SA MC appoints an Association Historian

Mr Terry Stewart (LM & Past President) has bee offered and accepted the position of QB&SA Historian.

In accepting this position and to bring with it some autonomy, Terry agreed to take up the vacant committee position for 2016 and was duly elected at the 2016 AGM.

Terry has compiled a very detailed ‘beginning document’ as a result of time spent at the State Archives and with his knowledge of the QB&SA and some of its long serving members.

From this point, Terry is seeking information from anyone and everyone, don’t be afraid to bring any information forward for consideration, some of it may already be known but there just might also be a snippet that no-one else is aware of.

This is an important time within the association where, if we do not document its history and event records, they might well be lost, our long term membership are not getting any younger.

Please read the attached document, it will be greatly appreciated if you have information that can be included.

The document can be found below.




History of B&S and QBSA