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Qld Billiards Finals Combined Grade

The Combined Grade billiards home and away is complete and the table is available from the link below.


The finals played Thursday 5th  saw some good billiards with Geof Millichap scoring a high break of 47.

The results were Mick Ryan defeated Geoff Millichap 2-1 in the first semi  76-69, 59-99 and 119 to 64 and  Wayne Ross defeated Angelo Halatchev 2-0  70-66 and 66-45 in the second semi.

The preliminary final to decide the other grand finalist to play Mick Ryan next Tuesday, saw Wayne Ross secure a win over Geoff Millichap 66-102, 94-76, 93-66.

The Grand Final between Mick Ryan and Wayne Ross will be held next Tuesday 10th  Nov 2015 at Sherwood Club starting at 7pm.


In the best of 5 final, Mick Ryan was triumphant over Wayne Ross 3-0. The final was played in a competitive spirit, frustration mixed with fine billiards saw some good scoring. Congratulations Mick on you victory, you have been to the fore throughout this competition and should enjoy your potential promotion to A Grade in the future.


The QB&SA will provide supper and drinks afterwards for all those who participated in the event, a Forum will be created so please indicate your intention to attend, players, supporters and spectators welcome.

Find the Forum link HERE