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QLD Rankings


These rankings will be regularly updates during the Snooker Pennant Season


This listing is an abbreviated version showing only those players that have participated in snooker competitions and pennant this year.

The full excel listing will be available in due course.

Please Note

While the Rankings list has been updated to reflect Tournament and Pennant Play, it can be that the skills of a player are not truly reflected in the list.

This can cause issues when players are asked to play in ranking order and skilled players return to pennant with a ranking that has blown out during their absence.

In view of this, some teams have asked for a ruling on such players and the following list has been ruled on by the QBSA MC






Qld Snooker Rankings 210518


Qld Snooker Rankings 290118

Qld Snooker Rankings 130617

Qld Snooker Rankings 190517

Qld Snooker Rankings 060517

Qld Snooker Rankings 090417

Qld Snooker Rankings Abrev 060217

Qld Snooker Rankings Abrev 131216



Snooker-rankings-050616 Abbreviated

Snooker-rankings-040516 Abbreviated