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Queensland Teams 2018 National Teams Challenge and National Aged Championships
Adelaide January 2018

Queensland will again be a force to reckon with at these Championships in January 2018.


Through the guidance of Bob Turpin (Qld State Director of Coaching, National and State Junior Co-Ordinator), Queensland Coaches have continued the development of Juniors in this state.


Because of the change in schedule for the Nationals, Bob Turpin, Trevor Mortimer and Graham Stewart have been busy in December re-scheduling our State Championships to Suite the new dates.


These have been the best contested events for a number of years both in player entries and standard. So much so that Queensland will have 3 teams in the Nationals. Queensland for the past 3 years have provided more than half of the number of Juniors attending and our players have reaped the rewards bringing home many National Titles, this year will be much of the same. Earlier this year at the 2017 Nationals, Queensland returned with 5 of the 7 titles on offer and in a number of events, produced both finalists.


These are the 3 teams this year. Team A is a reflection of our State Champions. Teams B and C are going because their members have performed extremely well during the Try Outs and with the support of their Coaches and Families, seek to improve the Juniors Experience through additional competition.


This year we will have Queensland’s first Junior girl representative for a number of years, Lilly Meldrum. Lilly is 9 years old and was runner up to Ambrose Adeney in the State Under 12 Snooker Championship.


All our juniors will proudly represent Queensland and the QBSA Membership wishes them well. Under the guidance of Bob, Team Manager Ed Dinga and their parents, they will have every opportunity to compete and enjoy their experiences. The Sunshine Coast will have a representative in Joshua Thrift who performed well in the Under 15 events.


 Team ATeam BTeam C
Under 12 SnookerAmbrose AdeneyLilly MeldrumAaron Hands
Under 15 SnookerHarry MokLeo AdeneyPranay Solanki
Under 18 SnookerKyle ThomsonEddy AdeneyBernie Buck
Under 15 BilliardsJayden DingaJoshua ThriftJoshua Hands
Under 18 BilliardsHayden GoodeXavier DawLachlan Mason
Team CaptainEd Dinga
Team Co-OrdinatorBob Turpin (LM)