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Snooker Pennant


Apologies all, the file I updated was not the latest draw, the home and away draw is correct, the dates for the finals/presentation dinner were incorrect, new file is available below, cheers JohnO

Please note that the Snooker Pennant season is reverting to a full season, A Grade 21 Matches, B & C Grades 20 matches. The A Grade fixtures are correct as the data entry system shows with the exception that round 21 is to be played on the 16th Jul 2015 not the 15th PLEASE NOTE THIS MEANS 2 GAMES IN THE WEEK. While B & C Grades show 20 rounds, 1 is a bye and the round 20 of the draw was removed when the season was reduced by one round. Confusing as it may seem, simply put, for B Grade, round 10 will be replicated into round 15 and for C Grade, round 10 will be replicated into round 13. Round 15 for B Grade and round 13 for C Grade are currently listed as BYES. The revised draw is available HERE