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Under 18 Tryouts for the Nationals in Adelaide, January 2018


Please find attached a full summary of results of the under 18 tryouts.

John if you could post the following on web page along with photos sent for the Under 18 tryouts please.

An excellent weekend of snooker after a few mishaps in attendance that were soon overcome with the exception of one withdrawal.

The 11 boys contested in 3 groups of 3 and one group of two to get to Quarter Finals with some very close Games.

Congratulations to all boys who showed great sportsmanship and have formed a great bond amongst the group.

Group A

Group B

Group C

Group D

Hayden Goode

Leo Adeney

Xavier Daw

Kyle Thomson

Joshua Hands

Joshua Thrift

Michael Gallagher

Ambrose Adeney

Hayden Longhurst

Eddy Adeney

Lachlan Mason

On Sunday after getting to the quarter finals the results were.

Hayden Goode defeated Lachlan Mason (2-0) 89-11,66-16

Eddy Adeney deeated Joshua Thrift (2-0) 41-31 and 63-51

Xavier Daw defeated Leo Adeney (2-0) 71-60 and 70 to 54

Kyle Thomson defeated Ambrose Adeney (2-0) 51-31 and 52-8

Semi Final results

Hayden Goode defeated Eddy Adeney (3-0) 48,32, 59-32, 47-43

Kyle Thomson defeated Xavier Daw (3-2) 53-33, 18-68, 42-71, 76 -26 and 50-47


Hayden Goode defeated Kyle Thomson (3-1) 76-20, 53-67,69-29, 80-31

Congratulations to Hayden Goode who once again proved a bit too good for all opposition over the weekend but the boys keep improving and will test him for years to come.

Special mention goes to Xavier Daw who played exceptionally well over the whole weekend and lost the semi final to Kyle Thomson in the 5th frame on the black ball. Well done Xavier.

A special thank you to those that stepped in to assist with refereeing duties on the Saturday and Sunday.

Alice Wu, John Balderson, Bob Turpin, Adrian Hands, Phil Haycock, Graham Stewart and Ed Dinga.

Thanks to Redlands RSL for hosting as well as parents and supporters from Redlands who provided the boys with encouragement during the tournament.